How to buy a Property in Spain

Below we describe the phases that you as a potential buyer will go through when we can guide you to your dream home in Spain. Of course, this is a general picture and may differ in your individual situation.




Reading up is important if you are going to buy a house in Spain. On this website you can read about the costs of buying and owning a house, about the characteristics of the Costa Blanca, about possibilities for new builds and about our services. We have also listed the most important characteristics of a number of villages.

In addition, we like to keep you informed daily of relevant properties in our database.




Selecting and visiting houses

Hot Properties - Costa Blanca: "You don't have to do anything. However, if you come across a suitable home with another estate agent or on the internet? Let us know and we will include it in our selection."

We show you the different villages and neighbourhoods that may be of interest to you.
We search the market for properties that meet your criteria.
We maintain contact with various estate agents on your behalf and make the appointments.
We accompany you during viewings and plan appointments with third parties.





Exploring the area

In this phase, in consultation with you, we select a number of properties that are worth visiting. We plan the visits for you with various estate agents from our network and accompany you during these visits.

But before we show you any properties, we will explore the area thoroughly. Experience shows that you are then better able to make a good choice between different villages and neighbourhoods. It does not happen often, but it is possible that a village does not appeal to you at all, or a neighbourhood does not appeal to you as much as expected. We may cancel home visits in that area. The villages are very diverse, so in general a visit will result in a clear preference.




The negotiation

Have you selected a property? Then we will assist you with our knowledge and experience in the negotiations. You remain the captain of the ship, we advise and usually have an executive role. For an optimal result, we play the negotiation game in which our negotiation techniques and knowledge of sellers with diverse backgrounds come in handy. After all, an English couple reacts differently to a Spanish widower. Two negotiations are not the same: there is always a unique seller and a unique buyer.




Purchase in 3 steps

Reservation contract - A concise contract with agreements and conditions to temporarily take the property off the market. Usually the buyer makes a down payment of € 3,000 to € 10,000.

Provisional purchase contract - drawn up by your lawyer which clearly sets out all the conditions. The buyer makes a down payment of 10% after the seller has signed it.

Notarial deed - Signed at a local notary in the presence of your lawyer and one of our employees.



Final inspection

Together with us, or in case you cannot be there yourself on your behalf, we make a final inspection of the property to be purchased just before the signing of the notarial deed. We will check the meter readings and verify that everything has been delivered as agreed.





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